KeikenCon 2020

Lead a Panel, Activity, or and Event

Lead a Panel, Activity, or Event

KeikenCon is looking for friends who are interested in sharing their knowledge and experience in the following topics:


  • Anime
  • Hands-on activities
  • Music performance
  • Dance Performance
  • Japanese culture
  • History and philosophy of anime
  • Cosplay (example: How to workshops, History of cosplay, Personal experiences with cosplay)
  • History and methods of cosplay
  • Influence of anime on culture and society
  • Topics on creativity
  • Topics related to manga
  • Japanese light novels
  • Graphics novels
  • Web Comics
  • Issues relating to gender equality and sexuality
  • Gender representation in anime and its effects on society
  • Anime and social stigmas
  • Anime vs. Manga
  • Discussions on individual anime film or  series
  • Group discussion of a related anime and contemporary society topic
  • Roundtable discussion on anime
  • Gaming
  • Travel
  • Other topic

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