KeikenCon 2020


The KeikenCon 2020 schedule will be posted in February 2020.

Please see our KeikenCon 2019 Schedule (Below) for an example of our sessions and events.

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Our 2019 Panels

Will will post 2020 Panels in February 2020

 History of Manga
Cosplay 101 – How to Cosplay like a Pro
History of Anime
LGBTQ+ Representations in Anime
Exploring Taiwan
Japanese Cuisine
Anime Directors
History of Mecha
D & D Character Creation
Anime Jeopardy (Game)
Study Abroad
D & D One-Shot
Emmanuel Foundation
Getting Creative with Arduino

Our 2019 Anime Screenings and Events

Will will post 2020 Screenings in February 2020

Video Games (Full day)

Board Games (Full day)

Feature Film Screenings:

  • Children Who Chase Lost Voices
  • Tamako Love Story
  • K-On: The Movie


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